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Touchless Golf Ball Lifting Devices

As an avid golfer, I was so excited to hear that courses will be allowed to open this year. And as a 3D designer I was thrilled to be contacted by Mckenzie Meadows Golf Course to create a device to protect golfers while on the course. This flagstick mounted device allows you to lift the ball out of the hole using only your putter. Covid safe!

Skystone Engineering Portable Computer Case

This portable GPS/ electronics enclosure is lightweight and compact - exactly what is required for pipeline surveyors

EQUS Building Scale Model

This scale model for EQUS highlights their new Innisfail headquarters. The 19,000 square foot building is on a 2.5 acre plot and includes solar panel generation, CHP (combined heat and power) and an electric vehicle charging station

Covid 19 Testing Swabs

These swabs were printed on our Formlabs Form 3 and have helped a local research group optimize swab designs in an effort to produce more reliable results. 

Opthalmology Surgical Tool

We have been developing an Opthalmologists tool to be used during surgical practice with actual cadaveric eyes. This design offers an improvement over the existing equipment by providing a modular design for easy clean up and component replacement, as well as a more anatomically correct model which providess surgeons a more accurate experience as far as finger placement, and access to the eye. 

Custom Biathlon Rifle Parts

Our Canadian Olympian Scott Gow is sporting some custom Affordable 3D prints on his Biathlon rifle. 

Pipe-Tech Trade Show Displays

Pipe Tech Corp unveiled some new technology this year, and these scale 3D printed models help them to communicate the concept and demonstrate how exactly it works. 

Smith Game Calls

Affordable 3D has been designing and printing the newest line of calls for Smith Game Calls. 3D printed iterations helped us to finalize the design and eventually the patterns were created on a CNC before the final versions were ultimately made in acrylic 

Porsche 933 Suspension Parts

A local Porsche enthusiast who does custom suspension work specific to road racing created these custom camber links in order to do some dry fitment and measuring on the vehicle before having the final versions cut on a CNC. 

Bovine Veterinarian Blood Centrifuge

Affordable 3D created this custom blood centrifuge for Bow Valley Livestock Health. Veterinarians pull a sample from the animal into a small test tube, which is then inserted into the centrifuge. Using just a string and centrifugal force they are able to then spin the blood samples at very high forces which provides an indication on the animals health based on how the blood separates. 

Concussion Prevention Testing Device

We have been working with CAP corporation to develop this adjustable headset. The device is designed to fit a wide range of head sizes and holds a sensor which is used during their "RAM" testing to identify an individuals susceptibility to a concussion. This data along with a training plan is used to decrease the likelihood of athletes suffering a concussion in high impact sports. 

Magnaboard Prototyping

We are lucky enough to have worked with this innovative company all the way from their initial designs, to now finalized designs which are ready for mass manufacturing. You can learn more about their products at

Horizontal Drilling Site

A scale model of a horizontal drilling site for Direct Horizontal Drilling. 

"Evergreen" Townhouses

A nicely detailed, 5 Unit townhouse development complete with toilets, vanities, laundry etc. 

Calgary Telus Convention Centre Model

This detailed model was created using aerial images from Google maps!

Unique Retirement Gift

We used Google maps images, and drone photos to create this truly unique retirement gift. The full colour CJP printer caught all of the details, like red/ brown brick on the office, company logos - even the street address is legible on the print!

High Resolution, Full Colour House

Affordable 3D can also print in full colour and high resolution using a 3D Systems 660 Pro. This provides the ability to add textures and detail that make a truly impressive model. In the case of our model houses, this allows for detailed flooring, countertops, backsplash, wall colours...the list goes on!

Corporate Signage

3D printed corporate logo for "View Dynamic Glass"

Engineering Models

A nicely detailed, scale model of a product by REV Engineering. 

3D Printed House Models

We are very excited to be working with Mason Martin Homes to create 3D models of their beautiful homes! 

These are printed at 1/64 scale and designed in a way that each floor can be removed to show the floorplan and details below. 

Retail Storefront Sign

We designed and printed this retail storefront signage for Ambitious Lifestyles ( . Our design enables the sign to be mounted on a string, on a wall, or stand on a shelf. 

LED Mirror

This client needed a circular mirror, illuminated with LED lighting strips. We were able to design and print a solution that worked perfectly. The base even has some threads printed so that it can be mounted to a tripod. 

E-nable Hand

We are proud to have helped support the E-NABLE community, which helps to bring 3D printed prosthetics to those who would otherwise would not be able to afford them. 

Affordable 3D Hockey Stick Mounts

These stick holders come in a few different versions and can be customized in many ways. A simple but effective method for displaying your souvenir sticks!

NASA Mars Rover

You may have heard that 3D printers are used in space to create objects found on earth...well they can also be used on earth to create objects found in space.

Affordable 3D downloaded and printed the 51 pieces of this Mars Rover model from the NASA website
Including flexible (polyurethane) tires!

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3D printed Prototypes
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3D printed building
3D Models
3D Models
3D printed building
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Architectural 3D Prints
Architectural 3D Model
Architectural 3D Model
3D printed building
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3D Printed Logo
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3D Printed Hockey Stick Wall Mounts
3D Printed Hockey Stick Wall Mounts
3D Printed Hockey Stick Wall Mounts
3D Printed Hockey Stick Wall Mounts
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