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Randy was great at suggesting ways to make our vision even better than we originally thought. We threw a lot of projects at him and he was able to meet all of our deadlines. 

-Kyle Lygas

Interactive 3D Models

3D models provide a fantastic sales and training tool.

Let us turn your 2D drawings into an interactive 3D model. Impress potential investors, and introduce a concept with professionalism and clarity!


We can help with your product design and development. A 3D printed prototype is an affordable way to physically hold your design in your hand, and even test its functionality before you take it to manufacturing.

Small Batch Manufacturing

Avoid expensive molds and tooling by using Affordable 3D's printers for your small batch manufacturing needs.

Replacement Parts

Affordable 3D has the skills, tools, and materials to replicate worn, damaged or missing parts.

3D printed replacement parts are a great way to make something functional again!

Architectural Prints

Even if you don't have a 3D CAD model or building dimensions, we can use google maps and images to create nicely detailed scale models. 

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