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Affordable 3D's Lulzbot TAZ 6 Printer
Who is 3D Printing for?

Everyone! Many businesses use 3D printing to develop their products - but it's great for the individual too! Maybe you have a great product idea but don't know how to make it a reality. Maybe a difficult to find or discontinued part broke, and you need a printed replacement. Or maybe you just saw something one day and thought "that would make my life easier". Affordable 3D can do that. 

Affordable 3D's Ultimaker 3 Printer

What is 3D Printing?

You've probably heard of 3D printing (aka "Rapid Prototyping") by now. Human organs, prosthetic limbs, even cars and houses are being 3D printed. This may lead you to believe that 3D printing is some futuristic, expensive technology that has no application in your world. But, unless you're referring to 3D printed hearts, that's not entirely true. 

Traditionally, 3D printing has been used to make prototypes. It provides the ability to hold or test a physical object and evaluate the design before taking it to mass manufacturing. While that is still a huge benefit and the primary purpose, as materials technology improves and 3D printing becomes more mainstream, we are seeing more and more fully functional parts being 3D printed. Small batch manufacturing, customized parts, personalized items are examples of areas where 3D printing excels.  

There are MANY different types of 3D printers and each one has a different function and cost associated with it. Affordable 3D has the ability to utilize a wide range of printers to suit your needs. FDM (cost effective thermoplastic prints), SLA and Multijet (high resolution resin or wax), or Colorjet (binded powder, full CMYK colour prints)

About Me

3D Printing and Design Enthusiast // Certified Engineering Technologist // Father of two cute kids

I spent my childhood taking things apart to learn how they worked and my teenage years and early 20's racing cars semi-professionally and restoring old cars. When I realized that I was not destined for Formula One glory - I went back to school and earned my designation of Certified Engineering Technologist.

Now, my wife refers to me as "Handy Randy" always impressed when she can come to me with a problem and I am able to come up with creative solution. 3D printing is the perfect outlet for me to express my creativity and bring ideas to life. 

Randy Thompson - Owner of Affordable 3D in Calgary
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